Losing Our Freedom.

A race against time.
Walking past one another.
Not a care for the world,
No love in sight.

Bound by our duties.
Bound by our desires.
Oblivious to the rotten cage
That constrains our freedom.

With broken shards put together,
We walk with our heads held high.
Trying to conform, trying to belong.
But inside, We’re barely holding on.

We laugh. We smile. We live our lives,
Devoid of the knowledge
Of our own bondage
Oblivious to our cage.

We let our lives be decided,
Our fates be set
Our roads be laid out for us
Caging our freedom again.

Doors may open, skies awaiting.
But somehow, rooted in place we stand.
For, despite the horizons ahead,
Bound by fear we stay.

And in this world of a million chains,
We fail to find our keys.
For, though we want to fly like birds,
Bound by our souls we remain.



Voice Of Reason: Rape.


A crime that steals your physical and emotional peace.

A crime that can never be justified. A crime that leaves invisible scars that never heal.

We all are aware of how terrible rape is. But then why is it not seen in our behavior towards survivors. Even in the 21st century, we still hear people say

“Don’t you see the kind of clothes you are wearing? What do you expect?”

I expect to be left alone! That’s what I expect. Just because my clothes are skimpy, doesn’t mean I want to be raped. Nobody , EVER , wants to be raped. And it’s about time people stop victimizing the already traumatized victim.

Honestly, it’s very hurtful when someone comments on your clothes and says that it invites people to come rape or sexually abuse you. Do my clothes really define all that I am? I spend everyday trying to build a good reputation, build my respect in society, to put forward my opinions and perspectives about life, work hard, day and night to be someone respectable and in the end, all you judge me by are my clothes? In no time, you judge me. You call me a tramp,slut or whore just because I wear shorts or skirts. And in no time, suddenly, all my hard work is null because society has become very superficial. Because nobody cares who you are on the inside. All that matters, are your clothes.

It’s time we change our ways. About time we understand that rape can’t or rather, shouldn’t be justified. About time we recognize our victims and empower them to become survivors because no-one deserves to be a victim.


Killing for Honour.

“I swear I won’t hesitate to kill you for the sake of the honour of our family if you do something stupid like fall in love or get into a relationship”.

My family joked about killing me for honour, while I sat there, smiling away like I found all of it funny as well. Faking a smile while I was dying inside was an easy task because I was used to doing it.

I live in a place where people don’t mind joking about things like this. I know for a fact that my family loves me dearly and would never harm me. But does that give them an excuse to tell their child that you’d kill her if she didn’t follow norms? Even if they meant it just as a joke? Can something as cruel and primitive as honour killing, ever be talked about as a joke?

It’s sad that despite being in the 21st century, some of us still experience primitive ideas like these which instill a deep fear in us. A deep fear caused by our own family. Who do you turn to, when your only support system openly talks about killing you for messing with their honour? How do you forget years and years of love and care and blissful ignorance? To what extent can you keep loving the people who hurt you with their reckless words? And for how long can you fake a smile before you crumble from within?

I was oblivious to all of this before I got into a relationship with Greek God. But when I did, I suddenly realized that my family was completely different from what I used to believe. Suddenly, my whole perspective changed. Suddenly, I no longer knew what I was supposed to feel. What I was supposed to believe.

My family means the world to me. And losing them is something I would not be able to handle. But is it really wrong to expect your family to understand? To expect your family to support you through whatever path you choose? And is it wrong to choose a path, different from the norm but not necessarily bad?

Maybe someday, I will get my answers. But until then, I’ll have to live with fear in my heart and a smile on my face.


Voice of reason: Stop the wars!

This was a poem I had written during the aftermath of the Paris attacks. This poem depicts my genuine, raw emotion. This poem was written with ISIS in mind.
Let me be clear, I have nothing against Muslims or Islam. I’ve made that quite clear in my previous Voice of reason post.

As usual, I don’t mean to offend anyone. If I have, I apologize.

Stop the wars!
Please! Just stop the wars!
Stop the loss of innocent souls,
Those that barely saw the beauty,
That this world has to offer.

Stop the wars!
Stop it in the name of your god.
The god that you quote,
For justifying your ungodly actions
And the insanity that you bring along.

Stop the wars!
For, No! you’re not doing it for good.
You’re fighting for yourself
For your selfish desires,
For your senseless ideals.

Stop the wars!
For you’re hurting your own folk.
No! We aren’t evil and neither were you.
But sadly, now you’ve crossed over
And become one with darkness itself.

Stop the wars!
And give up this madness.
You’ve already lost your humanity,
So please! At least preserve,
The few remains of your lost soul.

Please! Just please stop the wars!
For, we are tired. Tired of the pain,
Tired of living a life where,
Fear of living in the same world as you,
Is more overpowering than fear of death itself.

Stop the wars!
Stop it before all peace is lost.
Before all of humanity, loses its unity.
Before everyone fights for themselves,
Before this world drowns in our own blood.

Please I beg of you. Please just stop.


When faith turns sour.

Religious intolerance.

Such a foreign topic and yet, indulged in, by many of us on a daily basis.

Faith is subjective. For some, faith is something that gives strength. For some, a weakness. But there are some, who, in the name of faith, justify the most heinous of crimes. Some, who in the name of faith, turn inhuman while believing that what they are doing is “right” according to their faith.

But can they really be called religious people? Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Jainism and so many many more religions. So many ideologies. So many belief systems. But there is still one thing, one thing that is supposed to bring us together. Humanity. But sadly, somewhere along the way, we seem to have forgotten this. We seem to have forgotten that despite our differences, we’re all still the same. We are one.

When something goes wrong, it is so very easy to point fingers and generalize based on faith. But rarely do we think about the consequences of this ruthless finger-pointing and blaming. Rarely do we comprehend the sort of environment that we create.

Negative. Hurtful. Unfair. Unjust. Ignorant.

When will we learn, that the crimes, sins and mistakes of a few people who supposedly follow a religion, does not define the rest of the people in that very religion?

When will we learn, that there are still people in this world who will defend and protect every human being, no matter what faith they follow, even though the whole world points fingers at them?

When will we understand, that there are still people in the world who still have some amount of humanity in them?

When will we understand, that the lives lost in the name of (falsified) religious scripts, hurts the sentiments of other followers who know better? Who actually know the true intentions of the same religion?

It’s about time we realize that true, pure religion, and the religion that protects inhumanity, are entirely different concepts. And it’s high time we stop confusing the two to be the same thing, because They are NOT the SAME.


P.S. Religious Intolerance affects me on a very personal level. This post wasn’t meant to offend anyone. But if it did, I’m incredibly sorry.


Voice of reason: FGM

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of FGM. Female Genital Mutilation. Yes, It’s a thing, and it’s a problem that plagues our society. Hiding beneath years and years of tradition, this social issue is something that brought about a lot of pain in me. I can’t even begin to imagine how painful it must be for women that are forced to undergo this torture. I was lucky but someone out there might not be. So, I wanna do my bit to try and help to stop this social evil. Here’s a poem I’ve written, trying to understand FGM from a victim’s perspective.

P.S. I don’t mean to offend anyone. This is just my way of trying to bring about change.


You hold me down as I fight for my life,
I scream in pain but my screams go unheard,
My own mother, a traitor,
Holds me down, to be tortured.

You tear away my clothes,
And plan your evil deed,
Tears streaming down my face
As I await the torture of my fate.

I see the sharp knife
That will butcher my life,
I see your determination
In making my life a living hell.

I hear the chanting,
Of years of ruthless tradition,
Years of ignorance and inhumanity,
Put together in a tune.

And suddenly! The knife swings down!
And in one stroke, you ripped me of my feminity.
The inhumanity of your act, drips down the knife,
As my blood stains this god forsaken floor.

I lie immobile,
As my voice escapes me,
Unable to run, unable to hide,
I feel I’ve been ripped of my soul.

I’m left alone to heal,
From the brutal wound you inflicted,
The wound that sealed my fate,
My fate of a painful future.

All this because I’m a woman,
Who is to be denied of pleasure.
Because the pain of a woman,
Is somehow this culture’s treasure.