3.14. The real me.


For weeks I’ve been blogging about my life and you have all supported me through it all. Honestly, I’m grateful for all the love you have given me. And although I wish I could share my identity with you, it’s important that I remain anonymous. However, in this post, I’m sharing a small glimpse into who I am. The person behind the blog. Hopefully, my hair isn’t enough to uncover my identity.

I have been in Florida for the past few days, making my way through different theme parks with my family. The West is everything I imagined it to be. And I’m glad I wasn’t let down.  Disney Magic Kingdom is truly a magical beauty. Everything right from their attention to detail to their rides and of course, their fireworks was absolutely heart melting. As I stood there, in front of the beautiful castle as the fireworks went off, all I could think of was my Greek God. We haven’t met for so long now. And long distance isn’t easy on a normal basis, it’s even harder when you’re on vacation and can’t find time to balance between family and your S.O. Nevertheless, the whole Magic Kingdom experience has secured a special place in my heart and I wait for the day I shall finally experience it again, hand in hand with my Greek God and tears of joy in my eyes. 



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