Away from Home.

Hey everyone, it’s been too long. And in these past few months, I realized that even though you guys know me, you still barely know me. So today, I will talk about myself because I am a very self obsessed girl. OK I’m just kidding. So here it starts. 3.14: The Journey.

I was born in a very conservative town to a very conservative family. However, I never realized how conservative my family truly was until just recently. Despite how my life has been portrayed on this blog, my life, to be honest, has always been equivalent to that of a princess. A huge privilege according to many but it got old real soon. Pampering extended over a long period of time sometimes gets a bit too.. suffocating.

Growing up, all I ever wanted to do was make my father proud. And my mother. And my family. But life doesn’t always like to see you take the easy route. I fell in love with a guy who belonged to the “enemy clan”. After that, my life turned upside down. Love can do that to you. Within a few months, I began questioning everything I believed in, slowly rebelling against my parents and family. It was all in vain. Because traditions don’t change and no matter what I did, I was and will always be bound by familial elitism.

Anyway, I’m on vacation now and on my way to The U.S.. I’m hoping to write about the things there that inspire me and make me awestruck. Hope you enjoy this change in writing and that it’ll be a fresh change in our journey together.



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