Cross my rivers, without any fear,
For all my bridges, stand strong and steady.
But only the brave should tread these ways,
For, if I love you, I shall never let you go.



My Bridges.


For weeks I’ve been blogging about my life and you have all supported me through it all. Honestly, I’m grateful for all the love you have given me. And although I wish I could share my identity with you, it’s important that I remain anonymous. However, in this post, I’m sharing a small glimpse into who I am. The person behind the blog. Hopefully, my hair isn’t enough to uncover my identity.

I have been in Florida for the past few days, making my way through different theme parks with my family. The West is everything I imagined it to be. And I’m glad I wasn’t let down.  Disney Magic Kingdom is truly a magical beauty. Everything right from their attention to detail to their rides and of course, their fireworks was absolutely heart melting. As I stood there, in front of the beautiful castle as the fireworks went off, all I could think of was my Greek God. We haven’t met for so long now. And long distance isn’t easy on a normal basis, it’s even harder when you’re on vacation and can’t find time to balance between family and your S.O. Nevertheless, the whole Magic Kingdom experience has secured a special place in my heart and I wait for the day I shall finally experience it again, hand in hand with my Greek God and tears of joy in my eyes. 


3.14. The real me.

The ‘A’ in Architecture

Coming from a developing country, The West has always been an amusing factor in my life. We all hear it. How America is developed. How it is full of beautiful, well planned buildings, straight and flawless roads and awe inspiring expanses. Believe me, it’s all true. Just before my flight landed into suburban Orlando, I saw from above, the beauty of America.

As an architecture student, I’ve been trained to observe the planning and depths of a space rather than its superficial beauty. And that depth is what I saw from hundreds of feet above Orlando. My eyes wildly tracked the smart planning of various locations as my heart beat wildly with awe. The roads, straight as an arrow were dotted with vehicles as the bright green trees softened the harsh effects of architecture. Houses with shingled roofs clustered around roads and lakes encompassing the vast fields inspired awe even in the roughest of hearts. Parking lots, multicolored by the cars parked in an organised manner formed a sort of unplanned harmony against the green around it. Everything was different from how it was back home. Very different.

And that’s when I realized that the ‘A‘ in Architecture represents the Awe it brings with it.


Away from Home.

Hey everyone, it’s been too long. And in these past few months, I realized that even though you guys know me, you still barely know me. So today, I will talk about myself because I am a very self obsessed girl. OK I’m just kidding. So here it starts. 3.14: The Journey.

I was born in a very conservative town to a very conservative family. However, I never realized how conservative my family truly was until just recently. Despite how my life has been portrayed on this blog, my life, to be honest, has always been equivalent to that of a princess. A huge privilege according to many but it got old real soon. Pampering extended over a long period of time sometimes gets a bit too.. suffocating.

Growing up, all I ever wanted to do was make my father proud. And my mother. And my family. But life doesn’t always like to see you take the easy route. I fell in love with a guy who belonged to the “enemy clan”. After that, my life turned upside down. Love can do that to you. Within a few months, I began questioning everything I believed in, slowly rebelling against my parents and family. It was all in vain. Because traditions don’t change and no matter what I did, I was and will always be bound by familial elitism.

Anyway, I’m on vacation now and on my way to The U.S.. I’m hoping to write about the things there that inspire me and make me awestruck. Hope you enjoy this change in writing and that it’ll be a fresh change in our journey together.