3.14 & Greek God: Day 1

Never in my life did I imagine that someone’s arms will feel like home. But these past few days, my life has been going along a road where everything I overlooked about my Greek God suddenly dawned on me and made me realize how lucky I am to have found my Greek God.

I met my Greek God after about a month. I know, a month doesn’t seem like a long time but honestly, it is a very, very long time when you’re actually experiencing it. His first day here, we spent the whole day in the hotel room, catching up on lost time and romance. There is nothing better than being able to fall asleep in the arms of the person you love. To feel their arms around you as you slowly drift into the world of dreams, trusting them to keep you safe and feeling their warmth as you slip into a deep slumber. I never imagined that I’d ever feel comfortable being so vulnerable with anyone but, my Greek God made me realize that it’s all worth it. That vulnerability isn’t something that makes you weak, but rather, makes you strong. By opening up my heart to Greek God, I was introduced to a new world where small things mattered and were cherished and love was limitless.

We spent our day together, nibbling on cheese sandwiches as we gossiped and talked about our routine lives. Our boring day to day lives suddenly captured a new light as we reconnected as though the distance never existed in the first place. As we recounted our lives, we also revelled in our memories. Memories of when we first chose to study in universities in different cities. Memories of how at the time, it didn’t seem to matter. Memories of the first time that he came to meet me. Memories of the first time we kissed! Memories, they are such a wonderful thing. They made me realize how much we have grown, individually and as one. They made me realize that despite the flaws in our relationship, despite our differences, it’s almost like we are meant to be. And they made me realize that life can be beautiful, if only you give it a chance.

We spent the whole day making more and more memories. Capturing the moments in pictures and laughs and happy tears, we embraced our weirdness as we made the world our own. And as the end of the day got closer, our hugs grew tighter and kisses longer as we both realized that time was not waiting for us. But that didn’t matter because as long as we were together, we’d make every little moment count and we did, as we ended our day, hand in hand, awaiting the next.



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