Sweeten Your Life.

Lying on your bed, staring at the ceiling.

We’ve all done this. Sometimes almost everyday. We live our life, contemplating our life. We worry. We worry. We worry. Not once giving a thought to the beautiful day awaiting us.

We immerse ourselves in our works and our dreams, trying so hard to make everything fit. We break and we fix ourselves back again, just that we conform. So where along the way, did this happen?

I remember the days I would be happy when I got a balloon. And then almost suddenly, things changed. I wanted more than a balloon. And that’s when my happiness turned sour.

I realized that I need to be happy with what I have. That I need to be happy with the present no matter what it brings because I am running out of time and life’s too short to waste it on things that restrain me.

I need to learn, learn how to be happy again. How to be happy with the small things. How to value the things that are seemingly ordinary but are somehow everything that has to be cherished. I need to learn to smile, and laugh and just live because I’ve suffered enough and cried enough.

We all get so lost in our daily routines and worries that we don’t realize the passing of time. We suffer, dragging ourselves through the days, months and years, eventually realizing that we’re running out of valuable moments. It’s time we begin to make most of the little time we have, make memories and smile some more because in the end, it’s not the money or the promotions that matter but the little moments that make life sweeter.



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