Knight in shining armor. Is it always that obvious?

We all ask this question to ourselves when in a relationship. Is he really the one?

Almost all our lives, we try finding happiness but eventually we end up settling for someone who doesn’t even deserve us. We are so afraid of being alone that in our journey to find true happiness that we begin to justify putting up with all kinds of crap just so that we won’t have to be alone.

Sad part is, most of the time, we aren’t even aware of what we actually deserve. We don’t realize that we deserve someone who is caring, understanding, loving, respectful, fun, honest, loyal and so on. We deserve someone who knows exactly when to be chivalrous, someone who knows when to bring out the chocolates, someone who knows what to say and when. You deserve someone who will hold your hand and stand with you even when the whole world is against you. Someone who can bring out the best in you and make you excel in what you do. Someone who appreciates and encourages your hobbies and interests but also exposes you to new things in life. Someone you can turn to for anything and always receive an understanding smile. Someone who will love you for who you are.

It may seem impossible to find this Someone. But it’s not. There is someone out there who truly deserves you. Someone who understands the tiny things like, how much you hate tomatoes, how you hate doing the dishes, how you love singing, how you love hugs, how you’re crazy about a song or a show etc and still loves you and loves your flaws.

For, we all have flaws but dealing with someone else’s flaws with grace and maturity is what truly makes a relationship work.



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