Losing Our Freedom.

A race against time.
Walking past one another.
Not a care for the world,
No love in sight.

Bound by our duties.
Bound by our desires.
Oblivious to the rotten cage
That constrains our freedom.

With broken shards put together,
We walk with our heads held high.
Trying to conform, trying to belong.
But inside, We’re barely holding on.

We laugh. We smile. We live our lives,
Devoid of the knowledge
Of our own bondage
Oblivious to our cage.

We let our lives be decided,
Our fates be set
Our roads be laid out for us
Caging our freedom again.

Doors may open, skies awaiting.
But somehow, rooted in place we stand.
For, despite the horizons ahead,
Bound by fear we stay.

And in this world of a million chains,
We fail to find our keys.
For, though we want to fly like birds,
Bound by our souls we remain.



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