Long Distance Communication.

Please do read the initial chapters in ‘Through the miles, With love‘.

Chapter 4:

“Why can’t you go to the same college that i am going to?”
“Why are you moving so far away from me?”

I remember the moment Greek God told me that he was moving away. The moment i realized that our relationship was soon going to be an LDR. The moment that i felt my heart drop and my stomach churn at the thought of it.

Letting someone you love go miles away from you isn’t easy. Especially when everyone believes and makes you believe that an LDR won’t work out. I remember crying into my pillow for days after he told me about his decision. And trust me, I tried so hard to make him change his mind. But he was rooted in place. He had to go because that was the best for him and for us.

But who cares about what’s best when it comes to love, right? After all, Love doesn’t always have to be rational. All I wanted was to be with my Greek God. All i wanted was to have him by my side always. And when he had told me that he was moving away, all I could think of was how he probably wanted to get rid of me.

It took very long for me to realize that I was wrong. Only after about a million texts and hundreds of calls did I realize that physical proximity isn’t the only means to support someone. I realized that, despite the miles separating us, the bond Greek God and I shared, only got stronger. And it was only and only because we trusted each other and were always honest and open about everything we do.

Everybody has flaws. We do too. But a relationship is all about working on those flaws together. It doesn’t matter if you’re right next to each other or are miles apart. Getting your feelings across is the only thing that matters. I’ve seen a lot of couples have a falling out because of misunderstandings and hurt egos or emotions. But that doesn’t always have to happen. Sit with each other. Talk it out. After all, You’re in love. And despite all the negativity surrounding love, true and pure love doesn’t hurt. Or rather, shouldn’t hurt. Love is something that fixes things. All you have to do is let it. Being vulnerable with someone is the hardest thing to do. But being vulnerable with the right person can lead to miracles and a lot of happiness. Because when you’re vulnerable with someone you love and someone who truly loves you, you are able to connect on a deeper level. A level where there’s mutual respect and a deep sense of appreciation for the other. A level that words can’t really define.

True love does exist in this world. I am aware that the stories i tell may seem so full of happiness and lacking any problems. But it’s not. We too have our fair share of problems. But it’s easier to deal with those problems together than let it come in between us. So if you’ve had bad experiences with love in the past, give it some time. Never settle for someone who doesn’t deserve you. Give it some time. Some day, you will find that one person who does care and it will all be worth it. On that day, Love will truly heal you.



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