Footsteps In The Sand.

I walk along the shore,
Leaving my footsteps on the sand.
I walk with the burden of my past
And the hopes for my future.

The waves come and go,
Just like ups and downs in life.
They wash away my footsteps,
Like time healing my wounds.

The waves wash away my footsteps,
Erasing the evidence of my presence.
Like death shall take me
Freeing me from my burdens and pains.

The sun shines on my back,
Lighting up my way,
Driving away the darkness,
The waves washing away my pain.

A lighthouse ahead of me,
Guides me like a beacon,
Towards happiness;
Towards freedom from myself.

What my life is,
What my life shall always be,
Is like this vast, infinite horizon,
That unfolds in front of me.

And now I walk along the shore,
A soul lost in itself;
In search of an answer,
In search of myself.



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