Freedom At Last.

Finally, after 19 years of my life, I experienced true freedom at last.

Today, I went for a movie all by myself. All alone. I know I sound like a loner but I’m not. Growing up in a conservative controlling family, I was never allowed to go out on my own. Never allowed to go for a movie alone because my parents were too afraid to let their princess out in the open. And back then, I didn’t mind all the attention I got. After all, having some company was better than no company. But I was wrong.

When I moved into my university dorm, and made new friends who were from different parts of the country and world, I realized that the freedom I always felt at home, was not complete freedom.  It was carefully controlled freedom. And slowly, I started desiring true freedom. I began rebelling against my parents and family. But traditions and norms can’t be forgotten easily. I was reminded of my duties as a daughter and niece. I was yelled at and insulted. I was asked to keep in mind that it’s still my parents who pay my college fee.

But does that give them a right to control me? Probably not.  But when you’ve been a caged bird for so long, it’s hard to convince yourself to fly out even if the cage door is open. And it was for me too. I tried begging my friends to accompany me for the movie but everyone was busy. Finally, I called Greek God, to whine to him and he asked me to go alone and that it’ll be fun.

And it truly was.

Never before did I enjoy a movie like I did today. Eating my nachos all by myself and sipping at my coke while I stared at the screen intently were wonderful,  new experiences. And I realised that, going for a movie alone was the most empowering thing I’d ever done. I admit that I was very anxious about the whole idea but in the end, it turned out to be a decision that I cherish and not regret.

So for all the people out there, take time out for yourself. Do what you love and have fun being yourself while doing it. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed to take out some ME time. You deserve your love.



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