Voice Of Reason: Rape.


A crime that steals your physical and emotional peace.

A crime that can never be justified. A crime that leaves invisible scars that never heal.

We all are aware of how terrible rape is. But then why is it not seen in our behavior towards survivors. Even in the 21st century, we still hear people say

“Don’t you see the kind of clothes you are wearing? What do you expect?”

I expect to be left alone! That’s what I expect. Just because my clothes are skimpy, doesn’t mean I want to be raped. Nobody , EVER , wants to be raped. And it’s about time people stop victimizing the already traumatized victim.

Honestly, it’s very hurtful when someone comments on your clothes and says that it invites people to come rape or sexually abuse you. Do my clothes really define all that I am? I spend everyday trying to build a good reputation, build my respect in society, to put forward my opinions and perspectives about life, work hard, day and night to be someone respectable and in the end, all you judge me by are my clothes? In no time, you judge me. You call me a tramp,slut or whore just because I wear shorts or skirts. And in no time, suddenly, all my hard work is null because society has become very superficial. Because nobody cares who you are on the inside. All that matters, are your clothes.

It’s time we change our ways. About time we understand that rape can’t or rather, shouldn’t be justified. About time we recognize our victims and empower them to become survivors because no-one deserves to be a victim.



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