Pure, unadulterated bliss.
That’s how I like to define my meetings with Greek God. Funny how few moments of togetherness can refresh your soul. How few minutes of love and happiness can go a long way. I spent the past 3 days with my Greek God. Laughing. Loving. Living. It truly was a slice of heaven. Although long distance is hard, the few minutes of pure bliss makes it seem all worth it. They make it seem like it’s no big deal. The miles that separate us cannot stop us from experiencing those few minutes of bliss. And despite all the crap that the world throws at us, in those few minutes, everything falls into place.
And that’s what I felt. When I finally held his hand, felt his gaze on me, felt his love, I realized that, even in this crazy, messed up place that we call our world, love still exists. True love at that. And that, is something that gives me hope to face all the crap that the world will throw at me.

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