The Price We Pay

Please do read Chapter 1: Together

Chapter 2:

It’s funny how sometimes, the whole world can affect your one decision. Funny how the society you live in, can make or break your whole life. Funny how, in the end of it all, your decision, is never truly yours.

It was the 9th of September when Greek God and I first started talking. For nearly a year, we tried to be just friends. We denied having feelings for each other and consciously tried to keep our feelings locked away. Everyday, we’d meet and talk for hours. And once we got back home, we’d text for hours. Late night calls which continued till daybreak became a daily routine. But no, we were still just best friends.

Our rare friendly handshakes, slowly turned into routine high fives just so we could touch each others hands, even if it was just for a second. (Seems silly, I know. But I still remember our first high five. That story is for some other time) And then slowly, we started holding hands when no one was looking. We had to hide it! Because we didn’t want to admit our feelings to anyone. Not even ourselves. Seemingly ordinary things like handshakes, high fives and holding hands became the threads which were holding our relationship together. We lived for these moments. And these seemingly ordinary things, still, to this day, mean the world to us.

But despite all the love and attraction, we were too afraid to acknowledge it. Because we knew, that the moment we acknowledge our love, our entire lives would turn into a battlefield. And we’d have to fight to be together.

And let me tell you one thing about fighting against the world to be with the one you love. It is NOT as easy as it sounds.

I keep saying that Greek God and I are colors from two ends of the spectrum. And we are. We belong to different religions. Two religions that have a long standing history of hatred and negativity. And amidst this, are the two of us, stranded in a storm of reckless banter and pointless wars.

For some of you, all of this may seem, so pointless. So what if you’re from different religions?
Sometimes, I wish I could be that casual. But unfortunately, I can’t. Because both Greek God and I, come from a society where your religion rules what you do, who you marry and who you have kids with.
We come from a society where people casually joke about killing in the name of honor without even thinking about the weight of their reckless words.
We come from a society where lovers are beaten up and criminals are applauded.

Yes, we live in a messed up place. But despite all of this, we still choose to be together.
Because I believe that everything comes with a price and this pain is the price we have to pay to be together.




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