Voice of reason: Stop the wars!

This was a poem I had written during the aftermath of the Paris attacks. This poem depicts my genuine, raw emotion. This poem was written with ISIS in mind.
Let me be clear, I have nothing against Muslims or Islam. I’ve made that quite clear in my previous Voice of reason post.

As usual, I don’t mean to offend anyone. If I have, I apologize.

Stop the wars!
Please! Just stop the wars!
Stop the loss of innocent souls,
Those that barely saw the beauty,
That this world has to offer.

Stop the wars!
Stop it in the name of your god.
The god that you quote,
For justifying your ungodly actions
And the insanity that you bring along.

Stop the wars!
For, No! you’re not doing it for good.
You’re fighting for yourself
For your selfish desires,
For your senseless ideals.

Stop the wars!
For you’re hurting your own folk.
No! We aren’t evil and neither were you.
But sadly, now you’ve crossed over
And become one with darkness itself.

Stop the wars!
And give up this madness.
You’ve already lost your humanity,
So please! At least preserve,
The few remains of your lost soul.

Please! Just please stop the wars!
For, we are tired. Tired of the pain,
Tired of living a life where,
Fear of living in the same world as you,
Is more overpowering than fear of death itself.

Stop the wars!
Stop it before all peace is lost.
Before all of humanity, loses its unity.
Before everyone fights for themselves,
Before this world drowns in our own blood.

Please I beg of you. Please just stop.



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