Chapter 1:

3.14 & Greek God.

The story begins…

I was 16 when I started out in 11th grade. Full of enthusiasm and joy! Well, to be honest, NO! I was anxious and not eager at all. Not one bit. It was a whole new experience for me as I had new classmates and had to make new friends.

Slowly the weeks passed by and I managed to get along. And then one day..

A photo popped up on my Facebook news feed; A guy, looking at the camera, smiling. But wait! I suddenly realized that he was in a hospital bed, prepped for surgery. I read the comments and from a mutual friend found out that the guy was ill. And that’s when I did something I’d never done before. I commented on a stranger’s picture. “Get well soon :)”.

Few days later, I got a friend request. It was the same guy. My Greek God. 

We got to chatting, slowly opening up to the other, slowly letting our friendship grow.

He understood me like no other. Always making me laugh, making me smile and be happy. And eventually, we grew closer to each other. Best friends.

But life isn’t always kind. Especially not to us for, we’re like colours from different ends of the spectrum. And we didn’t care. We just stayed together, our friendship growing stronger and stronger.

But despite that, there was one thing we both knew deep in our hearts.

That we could never be one.

To be continued…




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