Light in the darkness.

Here’s a poem to describe the worst time of my life. It gives a glimpse of how things in life will eventually get better.

When life brought me sorrow,
Disappointment and despair,
It felt as if nothing could go right anymore;
But I was wrong.

My most desperate times,
Times I’ll never forget,
Had trapped me within them,
Grabbed me tight with their claws.

I was stuck within the darkness,
Of betrayal and broken relations,
I was in an endless dark tunnel,
The warmth of day, forgotten.

I could feel fear build in me,
Hopelessness too.
I was afraid I’d have to live this way forever,
With no joy within me.

Everywhere I looked,
Everyone I saw,
Seemed to want to break me to pieces,
Pieces which couldn’t be fixed.

But then suddenly,
Suddenly, out of the blue,
Came that one person who smiled,
And that person was you.

You were the light,
At the end of the tunnel.
The light which I hung on to,
The light I had yearned for years.

You were my warmth,
During the cold winter days.
You were my light,
The light that gave me back my life.

And now, I don’t see darkness,
No matter where I look.
I see only joys around me,
Only coz of you.

You cover me,not letting me see the sorrows,
 Not letting me experience them again.
You are the reason for the smile on my face,
The one I thought I had lost.



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