Today I’d like to talk about my partner. My partner in crime, my partner in life. Greek God, that’s what he wants to be called. And yes, I’m gonna humour him.

Sometimes, the most unexpected things happen in life, and our relationship was one of them. Like a typical movie, we started out as friends which magically turned into crazy, breathtaking, eye-sparkling, heart melting love. But the journey wasn’t easy, not one bit.

We’re like colours from different ends of the spectrum, never meant to be together but fighting for it just the same. Somehow making it past the pain that our relationship brings with it. My Greek God. He’s my confidant, my best friend and my everything. It’s scary sometimes, the amount of trust I have in him. But then again, what is life without trust right? Without trust, we’d be left with barely anything to hold on to.

People keep contemplating about what’s most important in a relationship. Love, trust, compromise are the most common answers. Yes, they’re all important but I believe that the most important thing is dedication. A relationship needs continuous nurturing, from both ends. Only then, will it evolve and get stronger, capable of withstanding any storm coming it’s way.

And that, is what Greek God and I follow, always letting the other grow to be their own person but still tied to each other in a bond stronger than Love itself. A bond of respect and dedication.



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